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Richard Kuhlman

 Richard Kuhlman graduated from New Hope and left Grants Pass, Oregon in 1984 to become a Solider.  In 1987, he married Melissa Medallin, of Arlington, Texas. For 23 years, Richard served as a counselor, an Instructor/Writer at the Academy of Health Sciences from 1995-98, and a Small Group Instructor for leadership courses until 2002.  Richard transitioned to Army reserve and Graduated Dallas Seminary in 2002. He was children's Pastor at Calvary Crossroads church from 2002-09. During this time, in 2003 Richard trained units deploying to Iraq, and in 2004, he assisted in leading a Combat Stress Control Detachment in Iraq until 2005. 
   Richard left Calvary Crossroads to be an Army Chaplain full-time in 2009 and ministered all over the world to Soldiers, leaders, and families. In 2021, he retired and was back as youth Pastor at Calvary Crossroads until 2022. 

  Richard has lived in Germany, Maryland, Korea, San Antonio, Washington, Kentucky, Iraq, Afghanistan, El Paso, Qatar, Bahrain, South Carolina, New York, Fort Hood, and Alaska. Melissa and he have traveled to all 50 states and 28 countries between the two of them. They have 2 children and 6 grandchildren, who all live in Oregon.