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About Us

A New Education for a Hopeful Generation

New Hope Christian School is Josephine County’s largest private school serving about 300 students in grades Pre-K through High School.

We have a proud tradition of raising up Kingdom Ambassadors to cultivate relationships and pour into their community. 

A personal experience in a virtual age

In today's fast-paced and heavily online world, research shows that students are in need of interpersonal connection now more than ever. With our in-person learning model, and a class-size max of 22 students, we offer an education experience that is focused on the students, not the statistics.

A curriculum built to prepare Kingdom Ambassadors

Our faith-based curriculum is curated to nurture advanced thinking skills and a strong work ethic. Exemplifying the efficacy of this model, 33% of our 2022 graduates were already seeing strong entrepreneurial success before graduation!

Dual-credit; the future of college preparation

Some of our teaching staff also teach at the college level, enabling NHCS to offer college credit courses! Students can apply these credits towards their degrees in post-secondary education in order graduate early and save on college tuition!

Mentor-Timothy Program

In grades 9-12, our student mentoring programs have become a cornerstone of New Hope Christian School. Veteran students ‘buddy up’ with new students to help them adjust to their new school and cultivate friendships. Juniors and Seniors mentor freshmen to help them make the adjustment from junior high to high school.

Student Government and Key Club

Student life is a crucial piece of the culture at NHCS, and it's for that reason we encourage students to participate in Key Club and Student Government. These fun extracurricular activities give students the opportunity to see the impact their work has on their student experience and that of their peers. The community service opportunities fostered by these extracurriculars also fit right into job resumes, university applications, and college financial aid requests.

A School with options in athletics

We understand sports are also a very important piece in the student experience. NHCS offers Basketball, Track and Field, Cheer, Soccer, and Girls' Volleyball. Additionally, our students may participate in school sports offered by the public school in their district of residence for sports not offered at New Hope.

The Staff of Legends!

NHCS hires only the best teachers and educational staff, who are not only fully certified in their fields, but also prioritize the academic and emotional development of students placed in their care. We at New Hope understand the deep trust our families place in us with their children's education, and we are dedicated to offering the highest order learning strategies for our students.

Education you can count on

NHCS is fully accredited in all grades through COGNIA, with our diplomas accepted by all major colleges, universities, and military academies. Accreditation is renewed annually to maintain our best-practice educational strategies and keep up to date with the latest techniques.

Additionally, NHCS is a member of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International).

Alumni Highlight

Austin Abbott

Head Pastor, River Valley RR
Austin graduated from New Hope in 2014, after attending from first grade. He went on to attend Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia before returning to Oregon to pastor at River Valley Rogue River Campus. He is now the lead pastor there, as well as  a Board Member here at New Hope.

Brooke Baxter

Teacher, NHCS
Brooke graduated New Hope in 2000 and went on to study at Portland State University. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Child and Family Studies with a specialization in At Risk Youth, then went on to earn her Masters of Elementary Education from Grand Canyon University in 2020. She is currently teaching 1st grade here at New Hope.

Carson Pennington

Carson is recent graduate from NHCS's class of 2022, who was already a successful entrepreneur before even graduating. Carson developed his woodworking business with a robust client base preceding his graduation from NHCS and has made a career of crafting beautiful wood engravings ever since, including a piece displayed at our Stone Memorial Gym and refinishing our welcome sign.

Bryce Dennis

Bryce is another of NHCS's very recent graduates; graduating in June of 2022, Bryce had already successfully developed his own videography business with a thriving clientele. He now works on various projects locally, out of state, and even with industry household names and professional directors. We've been fortunate enough to have him create some of the videos featured on this site and our social medias.

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*Eligibility to participate in league or club sports outside of NHCS is dependent on geographic residence of the student. See your local school district demarcation lines for more info.