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Brenna McGilvreay
Instructional Aide

I've lived in Grants Pass almost my entire life, but it wasn't until my junior year of high school that I was introduced to the New Hope family. I graduated from New Hope in 2018. It was truly a blessing to have earned my diploma at such a Christ-centered school!

 I started college at Pacific Bible College and have since transferred to Liberty University, through which I am earning my Bachelor's Degree in English and Creative Writing. I hope to be able to become a licensed teacher after I graduate.

My interest in teaching and my love for New Hope led me to apply in 2021 as a teacher's aid. I currently assist in 6th grade and in tutoring for the secondary learning center.

I have a passion for knowing God and learning about the world He created. It is my prayer that I would be useful in showing New Hope students to do the same!